Monday, May 3, 2010

Philosophical differences

My husband and I have huge philosophical differences when it comes to fixing things.


He thinks that there is only one right tool for the job. If you have a phillips screw, you have to use a phillips screwdriver. You can’t use a flat head screwdriver, or anything else.


I go by the theory that there is one right tool but there are several others that will work almost as well. I routinely use a flathead on a phillips screw and I have been known to use a table knife and a hair clip and other household items.


This means that home improvement projects done with my husband are a huge no-no.


He would disagree with me using a drill to make a large enough hole to put large plugs through the back of a bookshelf – it was made with scrap particle board, if it had been one of those heavy cardboard backs I would have used a knife. It only took about 20-30 holes drilled with the drill bit.


Yep, a jig saw would have taken less time but I think the blade was dull or something.


Then I decided to make the hole much larger so the stereo equipment could go in there and I used the router and then a hand saw  and hammer (I couldn’t find the jigsaw).  I could have used the circular saw but honestly, that thing scares me.


That would have annoyed my husband. So my project was done when he wasn’t available and he has learned not to ask.


That way the philosophical difference don’t become irreconcilable.

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