Monday, March 16, 2009

He's got my hand

Have you ever walked with a toddler, somewhere that they needed a hand holding them.

And they fall.

They always fall.

They are hanging there by the hand that you are gripping so tightly it has to hurt. It has to be scary for them.

Not being sure if they are going to be dropped.

Sometimes they spin around, sometimes they still get scraped up. Undoubtedly though, they would have been hurt worse without your hand.

Would you let them go, to fall to the ground?

Of course not!

That is how I see God's grip. Even in trying times, horrible difficulties, He has got our hand.

The world may be spinning, but He has got us in His hand.

We may be scraped up, but we would have been hurt more if we didn't have His hand.

This isn't to say that life as a christian is easy. There are the same stressors - cancer, failed marriage, job loss - but we still have His hand.

Sometimes He walks with us into places we don't really want to go, things that stretch us and grow us. But He still has our hand.

He won't let go.

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