Friday, March 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. Because it is an absolute pain to take it in the morning, I have started taking my thyroid medicine at night. It needs to be on a completely empty stomach, so no food for 2 hours before or an 1 1/2 after. So morning would seem to be easier, but if I plan on walking/jogging in the morning I might do a bit better with some fuel. Since I can't eat for 1 1/2 hours . . . .

Texas in the spring can get pretty hot, so I don't want to wait until later in the day. Not to mention I can't think of as many excuses when I exercise first thing.

2. Junior had a wonderful birthday, our homeschool group did kickball for the kids (and then softball for the older kids) and he had fun with that. Then we went to eat at a place he picked out. Yes, he did get the "San Diego Jones" game as he is now calling it. He also got a Indiana Jones whip, a transformer, and fighting robots.

A good friend of the family made him an apron out of denim and red ticking. It is so adorable! She made one for Daisy for her birthday, but Daisy's is pink and green.

3. I thought I would attempt to make Bakerella's cupcake pops, as featured at Pioneer Woman's blog for Junior's birthday. Bakerella recommends cream cheese frosting or some other storebought frosting. (But I read elsewhere cream cheese store bought or home made)

I thought I would do butter cream. I do love butter cream frosting.

Buttercream does not work on cupcake pops. The butter softens way too easily and so it really doesn't do what you want.

So now I have a bunch of these little balls that taste divine and are probably about 5,000,000 calories apiece.

Oh, help.

4. St Pat's day I had that awful headache. I finally took 1/2 of a tylenol with codiene (a whole one would completely knock me out, which I really hate doing). By the time it was the kids story time, the medicine had gotten rid of the headache.

It also loosened my tongue. I chattered about skiing, told a skiing story, finally read the book about Curious George skiing, then discussed the copywrite dates on the book and on and on and on. I also discussed why mad hatters were mad, and what OSHA does now to prevent that. And then we read the other book.

The next day, I asked Daisy if she thought I was talking alot. She got a little twinkle in her eye as she nodded.

5. This taking the thyroid pill at night is probably good for me. It keeps me from snacking at night. Not being able to eat for 3 1/3 hours does that.

I didn't realize though, how much I did snack at night. And it was mostly all mindless snacking. And it is so hard to quit doing that.

6. The no snacking though, is good for my crochet and knitting. I need something to do with my hands and so I do handwork like a mad woman.

What do I make? Dish towels. I have made socks but really dish towels are more my thing. I can finish them in just a few hours.

I love them to do dishes with. They are wonderful to work with, even if they are a little lopsided.

7. Don't forget to check the post below. I have a tag going. I promise, if I send a lopsided dish towel, I will also send something else with it.


  1. Too cute! I love the idea of a lopsided dish towel... at least it has a story!

    I must admit that I too was thinking about making the stupid cake balls... but I know myself - so I'm going to hold out as long as possible. Maybe for some sort of special occasion and then get rid of them quickly!

  2. I need to make dishtowels. I started crocheting a blanket a few years ago and I think it was way too big of an undertaking. Now it just stares at me from the closet, half finished.

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  3. So fun - what were you in Medang for? I was in Irian Jaya/West Papua from fourth grade until I graduated high school in 2001. I do miss it, and I will be doing a series of photo posts of the island. It's always amazing to me how the government and language are different in PNG, but the village culture is virtually the same.

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