Friday, April 3, 2009

Sometimes they make you proud

This is my precious girl.

If you notice the hair, its long. She decided 3 years ago she wanted to grow her hair out. It had reached the point where it wasn't getting any longer.

In November, Daisy mentioned that maybe she wanted to get it cut off. She wasn't sure though. I mentioned that she could donate her hair to an organization that uses it to make wigs for kids who had lost their hair.

I also told her that I was going to make her think about it. She wasn't going to cut off her hair in a whim.

Summer is coming and it gets hot here. Ok, it is pretty warm now.

She mentioned again that she wanted to get her hair cut and donate it. She had really long hair.

Seriously, that is long hair.

Well, her hair isn't long anymore.

First they put it in a ponytail and then they took the scissors to it.

Too late to back out now. Her hair went to Locks of Love where they will use it to make a wig for a child who needs it. Interestingly enough, 80% of their donations come from children.

It took awhile to get her hair cut into a style. Or maybe I am spoiled to all she needed before.

So now her hair is very short in the back, compared to very long.

She is thrilled. She has it longish in the front and short in the back.

She didn't want me to tell because she wanted to surprise people. Now that they know, I can share the news.


  1. Please tell her that I think it looks beautiful. and even more beautiful knowing what a kind thing she did. That makes her beautiful both inside and out!

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  2. Hey, her hair-do looks great, is a wonderful cut for summertime and is a decision she can be proud about!

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  3. Wow - super cute hair!! What a wonderful thing to do with the hair too - I wish I had known about that when I did the same thing in 10th grade.

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  4. I love her hair, and I also love the look on your son's face as she leans in toward him....priceless!

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  5. Cute haircut! She's a sweet girl.

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