Saturday, April 18, 2009

Despereaux and Marley and Me

After hearing our weather reports for the weekend, I thought that some movies sounded nice. We enjoy having "Family Movie Night" when we can, maybe once a month. No one is allowed to do something else, no playing on the computer, no reading a book; to be honest these rules are for the grownups though.

So Friday night, we popped some popcorn and settled down to watch Despereaux. All in all we enjoyed it, some parts were confusing - what was the deal with the magical man made out of vegetables? - but the kids gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. We may need to read the book. I was a little worried this would turn out to be a Ratatouille makeover since there is a rat and food in the beginning. It doesn't take long before you forget Ratatouille though.

Would I recommend it? Yes, we enjoyed this movie and there was nothing really objectionable.

The other movie was Marley and Me. I should have known better. Stacey had mentioned a language issue but you know different people have different definitions of words they don't want their kids to hear. And it is rated PG but they are apparently alot more lenient than I would be. Among other terms there was S.O.B. (not abbreviated), b*st*rd, B*tch, *ss, etc. Not to mention there was also discussion about "making a baby," activities that lead up to making a baby, and a scene with a squeaky bed. Yep, lottsa stuff I wanted to explain to my kids.

Actually Junior got bored and left the room, which is good because he wouldn't have wanted to see the ending. Daisy did watch the ending, but she didn't like it.

Would I recommend it? Ehhh, it was ok. If I was watching it with teens, sure. With younger kids, no.


  1. Hi Christi! I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for entering the Great Cakes Soapworks giveaway and wish you all the best!

    I heard Marley & Me was not one that I would want my girls to see. I'm glad you've verified this for me!! We have family movie nights too - my hubby hooked up a computer to our flat screen so we can watch Netflix Instant Movies whenever we want. :)

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  2. I've never heard of Despiro, but it sounds cute...

    I can't bring myself to finish reading Marley and Me... much less watch it. I'm just WAY to tender-hearted when it comes to animals... so we'll stick to the people stuff.

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  3. Definitely read the Tale of Despereux, it's a good book. I haven't seen the movie yet but have been wanting to watch it.

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