Sunday, October 24, 2010

What they don't tell you

They don't tell you that it takes months to heal - to not cry at every mention of fathers or mothers.

They don't tell you that you feel emotionally raw.

They don't say that there will be constant reminders - others having similar diseases or surgeries and you don't want to say a word about it because the outcome wasn't good.

They don't say that you will finally begin to feel normal again and then a birthday brings it all back.

But then, do we really want to know?

Friday, October 15, 2010


There is something that really bothers me on facebook. Have you seen it? The "my celebrity lover for the day" where the celebrity is pictured with his shirt off.

I noticed it because I have a cousin who is just barely 13 who plays it almost every day.

I also noticed it because one of Daisy's friends plays it. And she is 11. Which is not even old enough for a facebook account according to their rules.

What is the hurry? Why are they wanting to grow up so very fast?

At their age I had celebrity crushes, I had plans to marry Kurt Cameron but I didn't plan on him being my lover for the night and then on to the next one. I just fear that it will erode some of their value of purity. And these are both good girls.

It just really bothers me. Am I alone on this?