Friday, October 15, 2010


There is something that really bothers me on facebook. Have you seen it? The "my celebrity lover for the day" where the celebrity is pictured with his shirt off.

I noticed it because I have a cousin who is just barely 13 who plays it almost every day.

I also noticed it because one of Daisy's friends plays it. And she is 11. Which is not even old enough for a facebook account according to their rules.

What is the hurry? Why are they wanting to grow up so very fast?

At their age I had celebrity crushes, I had plans to marry Kurt Cameron but I didn't plan on him being my lover for the night and then on to the next one. I just fear that it will erode some of their value of purity. And these are both good girls.

It just really bothers me. Am I alone on this?


  1. No, you're not alone, Christi. Those games may seem innocent, but I completely agree with you - it's just one more way the world is trying to steal away children's purity by passing if off as a harmless game.

    I hope the parents are monitoring their children's activities on Facebook if they are allowing them to have an account. It can be a very predatory site, I don't care how much FB talks about privacy and safety. No one really knows who the people are behind apps like that.

    Since you are closely connected with each young lady, perhaps you should consider discussing with the parents. It does no good to be reviled by it if you won't take some responsibility for safeguarding these girls, even if it is only by bringing awareness to their parents.

  2. I don't care how old you are, playing celebrity lover of the day is not good. But especially bad for kids. My husband and I both follow my 14 year daughter on facebook very closely, we make sure our presence is known, and it has earned us friend requests from several of her friends as well. I see so much that bothers me from some of her friends and no parental involvement. I've even looked to see if her friends parents have facebook. Some do, but very few. I will continue to intrude on my daughters life, at lease for another 4 or 5 years. She's worth it.