Sunday, October 24, 2010

What they don't tell you

They don't tell you that it takes months to heal - to not cry at every mention of fathers or mothers.

They don't tell you that you feel emotionally raw.

They don't say that there will be constant reminders - others having similar diseases or surgeries and you don't want to say a word about it because the outcome wasn't good.

They don't say that you will finally begin to feel normal again and then a birthday brings it all back.

But then, do we really want to know?


  1. They don't, do they?

    Praying for you, dear Christi. I feel it along with you.

  2. I think even if we were told, we wouldn't truly understand the pain until we had to deal with it.

    When my mom's mother passed away, my mom sank into a deep depression. She was unrecognizable for a couple of weeks and it was SCARY.

    But in time, the grief passes and the sadness turns to fond memories.

    I hope that you are being given all the time you need to grieve and feel that sadness. It's different for everyone.