Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In general I am fairly laid back. It takes a lot to get me upset but this Amazon thing is disturbing.

There is currently a how to book on amazon on what "rules" should be followed when indulging in pedophilia. These rules may help you to get a lighter sentence if you are caught and prosecuted for "practicing pedophilia."

Personally I don't care how much you limit yourself when raping a child. There isn't a whole lot you can do to make it any better.

And amazon seems to feel that it is appropriate to leave it up for sale.

They aren't completely ignoring the situation because the reviews for this book went from well over 100 (with 2 positive reviews) to only having 15 and one of those being positive.

Twitter is exploding with tweets complaining about this book.

You can do a search on twitter using #amazonfail

Ironically this book violates Amazon's own guidelines for publishing because they claim to not publish books promoting illegal activity. Last time I checked pedophilia was illegal - at least in the United States.

Ultimately Amazon either decides to do the right thing or we can force them to do the right thing by not spending our money there. I did have some items I wanted to purchase but those are going on hold until I can find another supplier.

Amazon isn't going to be supported by me until they remove this book.

For more information you can look here Mile High Mama has written an excellent post.

Somewhat Crunchy Mama is calling for a boycott complete with a list of other bloggers who are boycotting Amazon Right here


  1. Thank you for getting involved and being a clear voice for children and victims everywhere!

  2. That's terrible. It's such a sad world.
    Go with the Book Depository, Christi.