All about me

I find it rather ironic that I have plenty to say until it comes to talking about myself and then I can't think of anything - and I have 4 blogs.

Anyway, I am Christi and first and foremost I am a follower of Christ. That is where I get the strength to do the rest of it.

I am married to a wonderful man that I call Hubby here but in real life I would feel silly calling him Hubby. You can call me paranoid but I just feel a bit better not using his real name.

I am mom to two precious, amazing, wonderful, aggravating children. Daisy is 10 and Junior is 7. Again, its not their real names. We homeschool which is wonderful some days and other days . . . not so much.

We also are gluten-free which means I cook way more than I would like. I tried reduced gluten for several months and felt better but then got tired of it and quit. Then I felt much worse. Finally I decided to go back gluten-free and drag my family along with me only to discover Daisy really does feel much, much better gluten-free. Junior is able to handle regular milk (instead of dairy-free) now that we have the gluten out of his system. Hubby tolerates the diet at home but doesn't want to go on the diet for himself.

I am a compulsive reader. Some drink, some gamble, I read. How do I read with everything else, I suspect I am a insomniac. My reading tastes are fairly eclectic but I do insist on it being predominately in English.

I am also a klutz, knitter, crocheter and have been known to break out in song just to annoy my children. Kids are a lot of fun to annoy.