Monday, January 26, 2009

Because I need more chaos . . .

One of the benefits of participating in 4-H is that the kids also get to do the county youth fair. [ insert big fake grin here ]

Our youth fair is in Febuary and right now it looks like our quiet weekend will be Valentines day. Between a family wedding, tae kwon do competition, pre-teen camp and youth fair, the shortest month will be completely full.

For youth fair Junior will be making applesauce bread. I tried to get him to do a different one, like banana bread. Junior was adamant. Since I wouldn't let him do chocolate cake with frosting, he was going to do applesauce bread.

I know, now you are wondering why no chocolate cake.

I have never made a chocolate cake without a box mix of some kind being involved.

Shameful, I know.

The youth fair rules won't let you use any kind of mix, so a chocolate cake would be a bit difficult for us.

Daisy is going to be showing rabbits and making a bread pudding. The bread pudding is turning into a challenge of its own.

I tried to get Daisy to make rice pudding. I can eat rice pudding.

Nope. She was bound and determined to make bread pudding.


So we enter her recipe, only to find out the fun news.

Remember the rule about mixes?

Well, that same rule also applies to pre-made products. So to make bread pudding, Daisy will have to make the bread.

From scratch.

She is delighted that she gets to bake bread. I do have a simple recipe for her to throw together, its just . . . .

It would have been so much easier with rice pudding.

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  1. Haha!
    "So to make bread pudding, Daisy will have to make the bread.

    From scratch."

    I'm sorry but that just made me laugh! :)