Friday, January 9, 2009

fitness update

I haven't been posting daily about whether or not I have worked out but I have been. 30 minutes every day.

I thought I had gotten past the sore phase.

Nope. After the 2 million squats yesterday and the couple hundred today, my thighs are mad at me.

I am improving though. To start working out with MFC you have to do a fitness test that includes how many crunches, girly push ups, and squats you can do. My first test was pretty bad.

One girly push up -- maybe. It wasn't a good one.

I had to retake the test day before yesterday, and didn't really expect any improvemnt (it is only day 7 today--when I took the test it was day 5).

I can now do 8 girly pushups!!

My number of squats improved some and the number of crunches stayed the same. I was a little tired though and so could have done more.

Anyway, that is days 3-7 with a work out each day.


  1. You go girl...girly push ups are really hard, I can do them, but I can't do them in, I can go down, but not very far! Not sure I should really count that as "I can do them". But when I push up it still counts on wii fit, hee hee!

  2. Keep going, and going, and going...

    I have worked out for YEARS and I still get sore!

    The push ups do get a bit easier. You will be ready for "big girl" push ups soon!

    30 days makes a habit!

  3. You're doing it! I have to admit that you inspired me. I hadn't done Wii Fit for 28 days (it told me that). Today I started back on track. I chickened out on the body test though...too many pounds after Christmas! :-) Anyway, this is about you not me...You're great! Keep it up!