Sunday, January 25, 2009

Die hard fan

Grateful for Grace has asked a question on her blog, which product are you a die hard fan of. Which products do you insist on having a certain brand, no other will do.

So I suppose I ought to confess.

I have a thing for hot tea.

I like a wide variety of hot tea for different moods, time of day, etc. Celestial Seasonings Peppermint tea makes me smile to smell it; their Tension Tamer tea is wonderfully soothing; I love the floral notes to a jasmine tea; gunpowder tea is just fun and flavorful; I have some wonderful green tea brought from China that tastes fresh picked. . . . and on and on.

But the tea that I drink every day, my absolute favorite is English Breakfast.

Not any English Breakfast, but Twinnings English Breakfast.

If I don't have any of it for breakfast, I will just have coffee.

So I am not completely loyal as in I buy no other tea; but for for my morning tea, no other will do.

Oh and I am completely with Grateful of Grace on the Luzianne thing. Their ice tea is way better, although I prefer it with caffeine.


  1. Yea! Thanks for posting on the linky! And for the comment... and for visiting my blog. Lots of thanks for you this morning.

    Ok, now I know a good hot tea. Yea!

  2. I love tea too. Tazo Chai (w/ cream and too much sugar) is my favorite, but I also love Bigelow's Plantation Mint and Earl Gray. I've really been wanting to order some yummy gourmet teas from some place online, but haven't gotten up the courage to do so -- yet. :)