Friday, January 16, 2009

various and sundry

Today we went and saw a production of Stellaluna at the community college and the kids loved it. It was funny and wonderfully done. I am amazed at the difference in behavior of these kids (K-4) compared to others we have been to (4th and up). You would think the youngers would have impulse control issues and so would act up more than the older ones (who should know how to behave better.) You would be wrong. There have been schooltime performances where I have regretted going during schooltime hours, but the kids at this one were very well behaved.

fitness update

The only day I missed completely was Sunday, but we had been out of town (and that's why I only promised to do 6 days a week). I did sort of wimp out a couple days and only do a 15 minute workout but that's it.

My next work out with "My Fitness Coach" will be another fitness test to see how I have improved. Or not.

New blog

In other news, I decided to move all my recipes to a new blog, and do nothing but recipes and cooking stuff there.

We will see how well that works.

Right now its kind-of skimpy, only about 19 recipes, but I am putting all my family favorite recipes. Some of them are gluten-free and most some are not. Many of these recipes are ones I loved before I started eating mostly gluten free. I can think of very few meals that were not based around pasta or some other form of flour. Thankfully, I am not craving wheat pasta like I used to.

Please ignore the template. I haven't quite decided how I want to design it yet so its just one of the standard background with some slight tweeks.

The address is chaos-in-the-kitchen dot blogspot dot com

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  1. The good behavior...Must have been b/c my kid was there :) hee hee! T had to take "field trip" duty for me that day since I had to go out of town. I really wanted to see Stellaluna too! Their Best Christmas Pageant Ever last month was really great.