Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have been so tired lately. I have been on a spring cleaning frenzy and although I have been getting the usual amount of sleep, I am too tired to think. So after my last post I didn't even crack open the computer. Now I am way behind on reading and commenting on posts (not that I am that wonderful about always commenting, but I do always read). So I had about 150+ posts to read and am now down to 85.

So then today, I decided to give blood - which in retrospect was a stupid thing to do. And now I feel like every last drop of energy has been sucked out through a straw, which in a sense it sort-of was.

With my allergies and the storm clouds I then got a headache. It wasn't/isn't a bad one, but between that and being so tired, I went and took a 3 hour nap.

Can I just say, I am so grateful that my kids are at an age where they can entertain themselves for a few hours without destroying things or hurting themselves.

And . . . the point of me telling you all this . . . .

I forgot.

Oh yeah! My point is, I am not trying to be rude or anything, I am just behind and am trying to catch up while being so exhausted I can't think.

Because oddly enough, I prefer to be at least semi-coherent.


  1. Hang in there... I can relate to how you feel. Sometimes if I don't get on the computer over the weekend - my Google Reader is out of control on Mondays! And my OCD makes me read and comment on just about everything - so you know it takes me a while. :-)

    Get some extra naps in for me!

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  2. LOL. I just posted something that sounds very similar. I've definitely been in break mode.

    Take it easy, we all deserve it. The blogs will be here when you come back.

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