Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jumble of random stuff

I was going to post something about my wonderful Hubby yesterday because it was his birthday but I barely got on the computer at all. It was one of those busy days.

Junior had an eye appointment, just a regular check-up. Thank the Lord, he doesn't need glasses. I may have heard angels singing Hosannas, or maybe that was me. I truely do love the boy, but there is no way we could afford to keep him in glasses. He would be breaking them on a weekly basis, bless his heart.

We went to the library, because I had 2 bags of books to turn in. Unfortunately I left one at the house. Luckily, this library is very homeschool friendly. As a homeschooler, any "school" books aren't charged fines and that is anything from cookbooks (which Daisy regularly checks out) to fiction or history. It doesn't include the books I check out for me to read, but I am totally fine with that. I am grateful for the break I get.

Then Hubby had a dental cleaning appointment over in the neighboring town and the kids and I rode along on that. While he was there, the kids and I went to stuffmart to pick up a few things. While I was there, I saw a neighbor of this friend/former employer of mine, so I asked how Stu was doing. He said that Stu was fine, still in the same place so we are probably going to go visit some day soon.

When Stu was a teen, he got behind the wheel mad one time and it changed his life. He has been in a wheelchair 20-30 years but that hasn't slowed him down considerably. When I worked for him, one of the things I did was type up his tests because he taught science. That was one of the first times I ever found science interesting and while I typed them up, I was able to ask questions. He also tutored some homeschool kids which gave me more confidence that I might could do this homeschooling gig, since I could find people to help with the subjects I don't feel comfortable with (although Stu always said that those parents "thought" they couldn't teach science).

Anyway, after the dentist appointment, we went to Hubby's parents and visited for a bit. Hubs was exhausted (it has been a long week for him full of much longer shifts than normal - fire at the plant) so we were going straight home so he could put his feet up.

Until I told him what his birthday present was, then he changed his mind.

He has been mulling over getting a new DVR for awhile. I haven't been enthusiastic about it, maybe because TV isn't one of my love languages.

So when I told him that that is what I was thinking of "getting" him . . . he wasn't so tired anymore. So it took a bit but we finally got it hooked up and working - I had the important and difficult job of putting the batteries in the remote.

The funny thing about DVRs, the people who don't have them think they are stupid, pointless etc. But after having one . . . .

My family nagged and nagged my grandmother to get one. We were in the mall and saw them on sale and mentioned it again. She said if I would hook it up, she would get it (I think maybe she was hoping I would back out of it). She has since said how handy it is, and how glad that we nagged.

We don't have ours completely set up with all the programs, but so far I am fairly happy with it.


  1. My favorite part of DVR is that you can fast forward through commercials... so the nagging new Jack in the Box commercial that annoys the mud out of me... is no longer a problem!

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  2. Even though I don't watch a lot of TV I love our DVR. I record the few shows that I do like then watch them after the kids go to bed. It's wonderful.

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