Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Works-for-Me-Wednesday - Toothfairy pillow

When I was a little girl, we spent alot of time with M and her mom L. M is 5 months older than me and our moms were/are best friends.

You know the kind of best friends who don't see each other in 2 years but meet up wearing the same outfit.

M and I have stayed friends, we were even roommates for awhile. She is more like a sister than a friend.

Anyway, L is one of those incredibly crafty people, she is always in some sort of project - that always turn out looking good. When M and I were little girls, L made each of us a tooth pillow for when the toothfairy would visit. It was a small-ish pillow (about 8x8 inches) with a little pocket on the front just large enough to hold a tooth inside a kleenex. This made it easier for the toothfairy, she didn't have to scramble underneath the pillows, wink, wink.

So when my daughter had her first loose tooth, we went to the store and picked out about 1/2 a yard of fabric and some ruffley trim and made her a pillow with a "U" shaped pocket.

Then for my son, he chose a "Cars" fabric so we made a pocket out of the Lightning McQueen character.

The pillows are easier to find in a dark room, and the pocket holds the tooth secure.

They may not be perfect but it works for me.


  1. I had one of those as a kid too! I think they are great!

  2. What a cute idea! I want to go home and make one.

    At our house we've found that the tooth fairy is less likely to forget if we hang the tooth on the fridge in a plastic baggie. That tooth fairy, she's so scatter brained.

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  3. So cute! I received one for my baby shower and cannot wait to use it with my lil guy. He's 4 now so I guess it won't be terribly long.


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