Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I have learned because of blogging

Things I have learned because of blogging:
  1. HTML and some CSS because I am a geek that way. I want to ba able to manipulate my blog to my satisfaction.

  2. HTML and CSS can be two of the hardest languages on the planet ok, not really but you feel that way when trying to get it to cooperate and it doesn't want to.

    Not that I would know anything about it

  3. I do like HTML better than WYSIWYG yep, I am a geek that way. If you aren't big enough of a geek to know what WYSIWYG is, it is "what you see is what you get" and the default format of most places you will type in text.

  4. Steel cut oats are vastly different from regular rolled oats better flavor and better texture. Plus unlike rolled oats, when they get cold they do not turn into sticky play-dough. gag.

  5. This post is a beautiful illustration that makes so much sense! I have referenced it so many times recently.

  6. And then there are so many posts that make me laugh so hard I snort tea out my nose like this one or this one and . . . . well there are many, many others.

  7. Blogging can help your memory, since you have stuff written down.

  8. It can also make you feel stupid when you realize that there are 5 posts you have been writing in your head and you can't remember any of them when you sit down at the computer.

    So I have heard. It has never happened to me.cough, cough, cough

  9. and sometimes blogging can be like hair

The blogging community is like every other community, there are some toads as well as some wonderful people. I fell so blessed to have made some of the friends I have found here blogging.


  1. Nice list - and of course the blogging world is much better with YOU in it! :-)

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  2. BTW, I really, really like your blog...the colors and the flowers along the bottom. Your "geekiness" turns out a wonderful product. :-)

  3. Number 8 is so true for me - I write so many wonderful posts in my head, that never reach my blog!

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