Monday, March 2, 2009

How blogging can be like hair

When I was a kid, every summer we would go to my Grandmothers. While we were at my Grandmother's, I would get a perm.

A tight curly perm.

I looked like a poodle who had been put in the drier on fluff.

It was bad.

As a teenager, I continued to get perms and each time I would hope that they would turn out well.

Apparently sometimes I don't think.

The last perm I got was right before I found out I was pregnant.

Thankfully there are no pictures of it.

Yet I still get the temptation to get another perm.

How does that apply to blogging, I can hear you wondering?

Simply this, I keep thinking I can put extra bells and whistles on here, and it messes everything up.


I tried feedburner and somehow it completely messed up my feed. Other people can use feedburner without a problem, but not I.

Then I thought I would try commentLuv.

I finally got it working after banging my head on the keyboard using my head constructively.

Except, the process ate a couple of comments that were done today.

Exactly 2 (I'm sorry Kim, I have them in my email).

But I think it will be cool now that it is working. I saw it over at Jamie's blog.

So my point is even though I get aggravated and have problems every time I add something new, I keep wanting to do it.

I keep forgetting the headache involved.

I keep thinking that this time will be easy. This time is will look ok.

Just like a perm.


  1. I'm going to have to check this out - what in the heck is CommentLuv? Oh wait - VERY COOL... I just saw that my last post listed here...

    Anyway - I currently get perms, but it's a new version that is really not super curly - I too had the BAD perms of the late 80's... this one that I get now is called a Texture Fusion, and so far its working great!

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  2. LOL, I like your analogy. I do the same thing with many a project: underestimate the headache factor.

    Good job with CommentLuv -- I didn't even know that you could install it on a Blogger blog. Plugins (like CommentLuv) are pretty easy to install on a self-hosted WordPress platform like mine (and even then, I don't always get it right), but I would have bungled it for sure if using it with Blogger.

    Well done! Looks like it was worth the effort.

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  3. Spreading the commentLuv all over the blogosphere ! I'm all for things that make our lives as bloggers easier and more productive. thanks for the post.