Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

My kids were delighted. yep, that's sarcasm.

This morning I made green eggs and ham. The look on their face was . . . really pretty funny. They were absolutely disgusted.

Daisy decided that the eggs weren't too bad, but she had a hard time eating them, and she isn't a big fan of ham.

Junior declared he was absolutely not eating anything green, but then ate most of his ham and some of his eggs.

He thought it was kindof cool when he decided it was something you are supposed to do on St. Pat's day.


I just posted the best most evil white queso recipe. The stuff is merciless, it put 3 lbs on me last weekend.

But I had to force myself not to buy the ingredients yesterday at the store.


I am weird. I like to can and make our own preserves. Especially since I can do stuff that we can't buy easily at the store.

For instance I love, love, love peach butter. Fruit butters are made with less sugar than jams or other preserves and have no added pectin. Peaches are perfect for this because they are so naturally sweet. In fact, I don't do peach jam unless I add jalapenos to it (which is much better than it sounds).

Strawberry jam is good, but I haven't made it. I did help my daughter make banana split jam though - it is strawberry banana with a tiny bit of chocolate syrup. It is pretty good, but a little too sweet for me.

Pumpkin butter is also a favorite but according to the govt, it isn't safe to can even with a pressure cooker. (It is too thick and the heat can't reach to the center and kill all the cooties. Most fruit preserves are high enough in acid to kill cooties, but pumpkin is too borderline). So it goes in the freezer.

Most autumns I make apple butter, because nothing smells better in the kitchen.

When hubby suggested years ago that I learn how to can, I looked at him like he was insane. But is is alot more fun than I thought.

And delicious.

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