Thursday, March 12, 2009

Child-like Faith

We have all heard of a "childlike faith" and that we must become as a child.

What does that mean? How can we achieve that?

Here is what I think, Do you remember being a child? Do you remember going on car trips with your family?

Perhaps you were like I was, laying in the back seat. Sometimes I would hear Dad and Mom talking about where we were. Sometimes we would be lost, but there in the backseat it didn't matter. Daddy would take care of it. We wouldn't be lost forever.

As an adult sitting in the passenger seat, being lost is nerve wracking. I know in my head that we won't be lost forever but the unknown is . . . scary/frustrating/aggravating/whatever.

Why is it so much more harder to be a front-seat passenger than a backseat passenger? Maybe because I feel like I need to help fix it.

"Turn here. Lets turn around and go back. You missed the turn"

Instead of letting my Daddy fix it.

And how often to I do that with my Heavenly Dad?

"You need to fix this. You need to do that. Here is how to correct this course. Fix the economy by doing this. Have this person be president. Heal this person."

How do we get back to the backseat where we trust our Dad can take care of it? That is an everyday challenge.


  1. I don't know - it seems like if we figured that out, it wouldn't be called faith anymore. :-)

    Your example is so true, and so clear... it's hard, but I'm learning the hard way that I can't control it - only he can.

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  2. Sure is an every day challenge - thanks for that analogy, Christi. Fear is the big one that I struggle with every day.

    I love your new look blog!

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