Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love 7 Quick Takes

My favorite thing about this is that I get to post the various little things that aren't really big enough for their own post.

Although I could ramble on long enough for each one to make its own post.

1. I cooked the simplist chicken Thursday night for supper. Boneless chicken breast cooked in apple cider vinegar (although you can use a different vinegar, just not white distilled) and some water. Then when the meat was close to done, I added some honey to sweeten the sauce/glaze.

Junior thought it was the best, until he asked what was in it. Then he said he hates vinegar. Honestly if I avoided the stuff he hates, we would eat PB&J and cereal. The trick is not letting him know one of his forbidden foods it there.

I didn't measure but it was 4 chicken breasts, around 1/3 - 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1/4- 1/3 cup water and then 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Cook over medium until the meat is done and then the glaze/sauce reduces.

2. Our church had a ladies coffee Thursday night and it was alot of fun. We had special coffees (I had a hazlenut latte) and then got to chitchat. It was fun and relaxing girl time.

3. I am a thief. When I was 4 years old, I stole a pack of Charlie's Angels gum because I thought my mom would say no.

That night when she saw me chewing the gum, I had to fess up. The next day, I had to go back into the 7-11 and tell the man what I had done and pay for it.

I still remember that.

But I have never shoplifted again.

4. I almost hate to say this, for those of you that live where it is cold.

We went on a nature walk to look for signs of spring.

Before we missed it.

Summer may be here week after next.

But we found redbuds and Carolina Jasmine blooming. Trumpet honeysuckle has it's flowers budding out, but not blooming. And the ever-present mosquito larvae.

5. I got an order of tea today. A friend had asked for advise on what to try for hot tea. I told her to go to Adagio Tea. They have this starter set that comes with a great tea maker and 4 samples of tea. Then you can order samples of other teas that sound good (most of the samples are $2 a piece and make 10 cups, although some cost more and make less.)

It had been awhile since I ordered, and saw they have added alot of new teas. So I just had to order some samples of teas. Honestly though, I think Daisy was really wanting to try at least one of the teas. She has been nagging for 2 days to look at the list. She heard "chocolate tea" and was really wanting to try it.

Yep, I said chocolate tea. Oh my stars!!! This stuff is good. It isn't pre-sweetened, so it is like a sugar-free fat free chocolate bar.

I just drank some peach ginger tea and I love it. I may have to go make another cup.

Some of those bagged flavored teas, just have a hint of the flavor and mostly taste like black tea. They are just really underwhelming. But Adagio teas smell and taste wonderful.

Just so you know, I have no affiliation with Adagio, although I would love to. Hint, hint.

6. Last night, I read the poem that goes
What are little boys made of?
Oh, what are little boys made of?
Snips and snails and puppy dog tails,
that is what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
Oh, what are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and everything nice,
that is what little girls are made of.

Junior didn't like it. I thought he didn't like it because it has boys made of gross stuff (snails).

Nope, he didn't like it because it was wrong.

Little boys are made out of skin.

7. Junior is really enjoying tae kwon do now. He has a great teacher who keep them in line (no pun intended). Then there are about 3 who take turns helping out.

One is a mom who is great with the kids - kindof like a mom figure.

Another is a high school boy who is also great. He is fairly quiet, but has kind eyes. He reminds me of my brother.

The third, is another teen . . .sigh . . . I really want to bring him some ex-lax. I am pretty sure he is constipated. He just seems cranky.

Okie Dokie, thats all. Except, I tried Adagio's cinnamon tea (instead of another peach ginger). YUMMMM. It isn't like the spice cinnamon, it's like red hots. I think it's another winner.


  1. "made out of skin"--that's hilarious! That is just the way my little boys think, too!

    Found you through Jen.

  2. 2nd 7 Quick Takes, 2nd time someone talks about their great weather. Is EVERYONE from the south?

    That chicken sounds yummy, I may have to try that one.

    Going to have to check out that tea also. Mmmmm.

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  3. I'm jealous of your good weather. I just opened my blinds to another spring snow storm. Sigh...

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  4. Your son's comment about little boys being made of skin is so cute. Reminds me of a friend who went to a Church of England school, and the local vicar came to talk to the children. At one point, he asked them "Who made the grass green?". My friend, aged about 6, piped up "photosynthesis and chlorophyl!" (yep, he's a scientist now).

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  5. I love reading those quick takes too - I tried my first cup of the tea I ordered this afternoon... not bad. I'm not sure that I loved it yet, but I drank it all. :-) I drank the gunpowder tea today... but I got 12 different flavors to try out. I was really interested in the white tropics that I got, but saved it for another time.

    I did add splenda to it, but it's a work in progress.

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  6. Chocolate tea? Sounds delish.

    "Little boys are made out of skin"--that's cute. He must take things very literally. :)

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