Friday, March 27, 2009

No Way is it Friday again! 7 Quick takes

1. Well the TV is officially dead. They don't feel like coming to fix it, so they are sending a replacement check. Some of you suggested that we not be in a hurry to replace it.

But I like being married!

No seriously, TV is how Hubby decompresses from work. If he felt led to give up TV in some form, I would be ok with it. But I can't push of it myself.

2. We had Tae Kwon Do belt ceremony last night, Junior is now a yellow belt. He did really well, and this time he didn't have the wiggles as bad. Last time he was doing pretty well until his dad got a Big Red and shared it with Junior. At least a sugar bowl with a spoon wouldn't have carried a risk of staining, and still have less sugar than Big Red. sigh

3. The Ultimate Blog Party is ending today, and it has been amazing. Wow.
I have found some new bloggy friends through it, which is cool.

4. Years of public school taught me that all my friends are going to be the same age as I am.

So sometimes it comes as a shock that someone who's blog I am enjoying is not my age. Some are quite a bit younger than me - one mentioned wanting to build a web page in High School - then others have kids my age. But in my mind, almost everybody is between 32 to 38.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. (think Littlest Engine That Could, except the reason for this is that I am not the littlest).
There is a new challange over at 2nd Cup of Coffee to move for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 2 weeks.

That's all. Just committing to 2 weeks.

Yesterday, I went and did my walk/jog with Daisy for 20 minutes. Then later I went by myself for 10 minutes to burn off some steam. I calculated it up and I walked/jogged 2 miles!

Today I biked for a little over a mile (to figure out distances) and then walked my mile. which ended up being 30 minutes again.

6. Daisy is working on learning crochet. She is making a washcloth because . . . they are small and very forgiving. It doesn't matter too much if it looks like a blind drunk made it. She is doing pretty well on it. It doesn't look bad, but it clearly isn't made by an experienced crocheter.

7. Yesterday Daisy asked if I was the tooth fairy. She said that it would "explain alot."

I am still not quite sure what she meant by that.


  1. I'm absolutely dying over Daisy's question... too funny! You should ask her what she meant by that!!

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  2. You should get a pedometer, it motivates me to see how many steps/miles I run. I just use a Chicken Little one that I got out of a cereal box, but I don't think they are too expensive.

  3. #4 is so funny...I'm the same way and I'm always SO surprised when I find out someone isn't my age! Especially now that I'm, ahem, getting older....

    Recent blog post: First Home Run!

  4. Your tooth fairy conversation sounds familiar. :-)
    We are nearly 700 miles from Mt. Redoubt as the crow flies. We are "watching" on the internet...probably with as much info as you!

  5. Daisy's comment was very thought provoking. :-) I'm doing the 30x5 thingy, too. Jogging againg after taking the winter off. Oh my aching knees!
    Keep it up, you are doing great.

    Recent blog post: Ode to my Ice Cream

  6. I am doing 30x5 too, sounds like your off to a great start. My son has begun to ask all those lovely questions that your not quite sure how to answer..

    Recent blog post: O'Baby and my flutter-by rolls

  7. Two miles! That's great. Keep the posts and updates coming.

  8. If getting a new TV will save your marriage, GET A NEW TV. :) Personally, I could live without the TV, but if my husband tried to cut me off from the Internet, he'd have to pry the computer from my death grip first. ;)