Monday, March 16, 2009

Ignoring it won't work

I have tried to ignore it but it keeps coming.

Junior is going to turn 6.

My baby will be six no matter how much I try to ignore it.

We have been counting the days starting at 10 which was "a very, very long time" according to him. Then around day 7, he started perking up, but it is still long.

When we moved to only one hand, he was pretty excited.

His birthday is on Wednesday.

I may just cry.

When we were talking about his birthday, I asked what kind of party he wanted.

"Indiana Jones!" Ummmm why? He has never seen Indiana Jones (it is way too graphic and scary).

So I said, "why not Star Wars?" since he is hugely into Star Wars.

Nope, Indiana Jones, so I asked why.

"because if I have a Star Wars party, I will get Star Wars stuff."

So what are you wanting that is IJ?

"Well, a cake but you probably can't do an IJ cake and . . . "

No, Junior, what toys are you wanting that is IJ?

"Lego Indiana Jones" - Basically he is wanting his whole party planned around one game that he is wanting for the Wii.

Why on earth would you want a Star Wars party when you already have the Wii game?


  1. Clever boy! Why not work the system?

    I'm sure he'll make a great 6 year old, and you'll be almost crying again next year when it's time for him to turn 7..

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  2. Too funny - I never even thought about giving gifts based on the party theme... but well, I guess that's sort of true even if unintentional.

  3. Cute! My oldest turned six in January - seems so grown up all of a sudden!

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  4. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely be using it!

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