Friday, April 3, 2009

7 quick takes

I have all these posts that I am planning on sharing and then it gets to be Friday and might as well do them in the 7 quick takes.

1. Our church is doing a Seder supper on Sunday. It will be led by some Messianic Jews who will explain to us what it means. I love doing these things, I inevitably learn something that makes me be even more amazed at Him.

2. Some of you seemed a bit intimidated by letting your kids help you cook. With mine I started on the fun and easy stuff, like instant pudding. I would let them pour the powder into a huge bowl (so it reduced the chances of splashing) and then they poured in the milk I measured. When their arm got tired of stirring, I took over but they had done enough to feel ownership.

Both of them have helped me make chicken sticks (like tenders). You slice up a boneless chicken breast into tenders size, then let them dip it first into plain yogurt (not vanilla) and then into bread crumbs (crushed cereal or whatever). Then bake at 350 til done.

Over at the cooking blog, I have some more recipes that my kids have made right here.

3. I have kept up with the 30 x 5 challenge! I have managed to work out for 30 minutes 5 days a week for the entire first week. I mostly do the jog/walk mix but I have done some yoga and some other stuff with the Wii fit. I just need to lose 2 more pounds to be back where I was when I fell off the exercise wagon and then about 50 more pounds to get me well into "healthy" weight.

4. I have some other news that I can't share yet.

I just hate when people do that. Don't you?

5. I made a pot roast last night and impulsively added mushrooms.


We usually put a portion in the kids bowls and they Junior only wants to eat 1/3 of it but we make him eat half (He wants to save room for a piece of candy).

Last night there were 2 bites left. I asked if he wanted more and he said no but gave it 2 thumbs up.

And it had onions. And mushrooms. And he hates both.

6. I tried getting the kids pictures made in some bluebonnets but the light didn't cooperate. It looks too blue in the pictures but I can't seem to fix them.

7. We saw a man shoeing some horses near our church yesterday evening so we got out to watch for a few minutes.

I didn't realize that horses stopped with their front feet and so the front shoes are different from the back shoes.


  1. You are such a good mom. I have a hard time sharing my kitchen, even with my kids. J does like to help me though.

    And yes, you better elaborate on #4, we all love exciting news.

    Anyways, go to if you need to edit your photos. It's a really fun and easy site.

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  2. I can't get past number 4...

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