Saturday, August 27, 2011

book review - Butterfly Effect & The Boy Who Changed the World

I have to confess that I received these two books long ago but this has been a very hard review to write.

I love the premise of these books, that everything you do matters, that even the smallest insignificant things can have a profound effect.

I loved the first story in The Butterfly Effect about how a action done almost 150 years ago effects us still today.

I love Andy Andrews' writing that is engaging and fun to read.

Honestly though, the story about the wheat and corn turned my stomach. A book making the persons responsible for GMO wheat and corn out to be heroes is just something that I can't support. I try not to get political here but since the 1940s when they first started with the GMO wheat and corn the rates of celiac have multiplied, the rates of autism have soared, allergies are sky-rocketing, among other things. We are tweaking our environment too much and a book that celebrates this is just too much.

I wanted to love these books, and honestly if I could tear out a section of Butterfly effect, I would still love it. If it wasn't a book to inspire and to change lives the politics wouldn't matter. If it wasn't a children's book, the politics wouldn't matter as much. But I can't recommend this book at all because of the GMO issue.

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