Friday, February 26, 2010

House Rules

One of the house rules that makes life simpler is the “No candy before lunch” rule. This typically cuts down on a lot of the begging and pleading. Of course the rule has been ammended to include the provision that lunch can’t be before noon – otherwise lunch would be eaten at 8 am.


So yesterday Junior, who is 6, stated that he was going to have marshmallows with his cereal – the giant strawberry marshmallows not those little mar-bits. And told him he was not, so he said he would “try” just one.


No, remember no candy before lunch.


“Mom” he pleaded “I just want to try one.”


So I asked if he planned on chewing it up and then spitting it into the trash can.


He looked at me and said “Would that work for you?”


Ummm, no but good try.

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