Monday, February 22, 2010

I cry in church

I am very, very blessed in my church home. It feels like home, it is comfortable and safe there. I try not to cry in front of my kids but they are frequently busy somewhere else at church or they are busy singing along with the music.


It is partly the music’s fault. As I sing How Great is Our God my heart and head are praising God for his greatness – even when things are dark. I am reminded that even in the midst of sorrow God is there, His hand is there.


His hand shows up in little ways, “coincidences”  that He engineers. Reminders that He is there and cares. Friday someone sent me a message on Facebook, something seemingly random but I am convinced that God had a hand in it. She probably didn’t really know what was going on when she sent me the message.


It is these sort of things that I remember when singing praise songs or hymns. It is when I am praising Him that I most feel like I am curled up in my Abba Daddy’s lap and can’t help but have tears stream down my cheeks.


On those days that I am feeling emotionally bruised, I grab a few kleenexes and keep them ready to dab the tears out of my eyes. Because I will probably end up crying in church.


  1. Well, God was busy on Sunday, because we sang that song during the worship time and I couldn't even sing it because I was choking up so bad. It gets me every time. And your description of being curled up in your Daddy's, I have said that more than a few times when describing that close, loving relationship with Him. I've been in an "arctic freeze" lately and could finally feel the ice starting to melt on Sunday...

  2. Music is so powerful. The only time I lost composure in a presentation was in my graduate degree program discussing the worship song, Indescribable. I was discussing it's power and was subiquently overcome by the emotion the song brings.