Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first time to do Menu Plan Monday by orgjunkie but I am hoping it will be a regular thing.

One thing, my family is gluten free and I am again cooking completely dairy free so some of these ideas are not fully fleshed out. Last night I intended to make a chicken, rice and broccoli thing for dinner but when I got in the kitchen it turned into Thai peanut coconut chicken and rice with broccoli for a side. And it was YUMMY!

Monday: Potato Hash (grated potatoes and ground beef and then whatever else I feel like throwing in)

Tuesday: Pork chops and mac and cheeze (shhh don't tell the kids what is in the cheese sauce) with broccoli that my 8 year old son requested.

Wednesday: roast chicken and vegetable quinoa salad.

Thursday: homemade tacos and bean burritos - I want to try out a new tortilla recipe

Friday: split pea soup and shepherds pie

Saturday: Burgers and coleslaw with pina colada ice cream for dessert.

Check in here to see other meal plans!

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  1. i hope you're finding Meal Planning to be helpful! i love knowing on any given day at any given moment that dinner is planned. now if i could just figure out a way for it to cook itself... ;)