Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3in30 February closing thoughts

February is officially over and now it is March. So how did I do on my February goals?

Not so great but not horrible. sort of.

On reading the Bible every day, I am way behind. Like a week behind. I should be able to get caught up this week. I think. I am over half-way through though.

As for doing meal plans, I did do this and I mostly followed them. However, I didn't always get them done at the beginning of the week. One week it was Wednesday before I had the plan done and I was supposed to do it Monday. I don't know about you but Mondays are crazy for me so I am thinking do menus on Sunday (which is going to be one of my goals in March so pretend you didn't hear this).

And exercising didn't happen. I can give a long list of excuses but I am not going to do that.

So February didn't go as planned but that is ok. I am just ready to get on with March.

My March goals are going to sound somewhat familiar because some of them are carry-overs or refinements.

So without further ado:

  • Bible Reading: You had to know that this was going on here. When I do my Bible reading, I just feel better.

  • menu plans & grocery list on Sunday: To me Sundays are sit around after church, flipping through the paper, maybe catch a football game. I can just as easily flip though cookbooks looking for recipes. I am working on getting a menu plan that includes some cooking some freezer meals, first I have to find out what is gluten-free that freezes well. And we like.

  • declutter: Oh how I need to declutter. I thought about putting it down for all three this month but I decided that that was a bit much.

I also want to focus on getting earlier to bed and getting up earlier but still getting more sleep (I just might be perpetually sleep deprived.) And I hope that will make my days flow better.

While I am getting up earlier, I should also eat breakfast. It is not my favorite meal of the day.

And I need to . . . .

That is the difficulty with 3in30, there are so many things I want to put down and I don't think I should try that many at once. I would really like to get all 3 goals mostly accomplished one month.

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  1. Hey Christi!
    I was so late in posting my March 3 in 3o that the linky was already closed! I figured that since nobody had linked in the spot behind yours, that I would step in and encourage you to make your goals a priority this month! (And you can do the same for me is you want to...since I didn't get to link up!) We actually have some of our goals in common...including carrying some of February's goals over to March!

    Hope you are starting off strong! Stay accountable! :)

    Christi @