Monday, April 25, 2011

my favorite app

Do you have a smart phone? i have a BlackBerry Torch which I loved until about 2 months ago and am now drooling over the Android phones. Not that it matters. Blackberry was my first smartphone and I thought I would love it forever but then I started hearing about some of the droid capabilities and . . . . I guess I am fickle.

But my favorite app works on a BlackBerry and Droid (as well as that other phone producer. You know which one I am talking about). is a website that has the Bible online for free. And not just one or two translations - 41 translations in 22 languages. They also have reading plans, for example 18 different plans for reading through the whole Bible. Most of those are reading through the Bible in a year, some you read the new testament more than once, some chronological, some in the order they were written, one for reading the Bible in 90 days.

The nice thing is that it keeps track for you. There is no need to find the list that tells you which verses are today's reading, it knows that you missed last Wednesdays reading so you can catch up on Saturday.

There is also the ability to bookmark verses and make notes as you are reading. Not to mention a pretty awesome search function.

And all of this is available on the phone app and more things that I haven't explored.

And now there is the ability to have the phone app read the Bible to you. Now this is not available in all translations (or probably all languages) but I think that it is a cool function.

What they haven't been able to do is reproduce the feel of a Bible in your hands.

I still love the weight of my study Bible. I love turning the onion skin pages. I get so much out of the notes I have written in the margin, the verses I have highlighted over the years.

But I can't carry that Bible in my pocket. It isn't convenient to pull it out while waiting in line at the grocery store. For that I love YouVersion.

I have not been asked by YouVersion to give this review. I have received the app for free because it is free for everyone. I am not getting any special benefit or kickback or anything. I just love the app.

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