Monday, June 6, 2011

my baby girl is gone far far away

My baby girl is somewhere between 533 - 800 miles away from me. In another state.

Somehow she managed to grow up enough to go with our church's youth group off to camp. So she is either on the road or at camp. 800 miles away. Which is roughly 1300 kilometers (because sometimes metric just sounds so much worse.)

Hubby pointed out that she is with people we trust and God is watching over her. I would still much rather it not be 800 miles away. Or 1287 kilometers.

The other side of it is that I have been to that camp, it was my first youth camp. It was only 400 miles from my home in west Texas and so as far as I know, that church still goes to the same camp every year.

Hubby has only been in New Mexico twice and that is the north east corner to drive through yet he is not being as big of a worrywart as I am. Or maybe he is hiding it better.

I am also wishing I was along. I lived in Midland (which is almost spitting distance into New Mexico )until I was a teen. My grandparents lived in New Mexico and I still cousins and an aunt out there.

So it is like she is getting to go to my old home without me.

I said it was my first youth camp, but it was also my first camp of any kind (other than day camps). I didn't want to go. My mother didn't really want me to go. My dad insisted. I was am painfully shy but I actually made friends with some of the people in my youth group. The second year I was eager to go.

It wasn't just friendships though, it was how the camp discipled me. I was a christian in that I had prayed the prayer, gotten baptised, etc but I hadn't really started developing that personal relationship with Christ until that point. I may have heard about it before but that is about all.

If she is as oblivious as I was, I hope she has an awakening. Either way, I know she will learn so much.

But still - my baby girl is 800 miles away (or on her way to being 800 miles away).

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