Monday, June 20, 2011

The past couple of weeks

Well Daisy had a wonderful time at church camp and Junior and I survived her being gone.

Then the week after that was VBS. In a moment of insanity, I walked up to the director of childrens ministry and offered to help.

Um yep.

I ended up helping in the preschool arts and crafts.


However it went really well, maybe because I know longer have preschoolers. The kids were so funny. One of the lessons was about the man lowered through the roof so Jesus could heal him. I asked the kids how they would feel if someone was lowered through their roof.

I am so glad those kids are not Jesus.

They described vividly the stomping, punching and kicking with shoes that would happen.

While talking with some other kids about Tacky Tuesday, a little boy said he "always wears tacky clothes to church." I don't know if that means that he doesn't like his church clothes or what.

Anyway, it was a fairly fun week.

But I am glad it is over.

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  1. lol, too funny! We just finished up VBS this week - so tired!!!

    btw - I am so slow and just figured out I could follow your blog from twitter, lol.

    Your hellomorning buddy which I haven't been doing too great at either!