Saturday, July 23, 2011

Technologically challenged

I am fairly comfortable with technology; I am on Facebook, Twitter and now Google+. I have had a cell phone since the bag phone days & 5 different smart phones. I can do html, css and I know what POP3 is.

Somehow though I am cursed.

Or something.

I am adept at installing our printer because the laptop keeps losing it. It will say that the printer is turned off when it isn't and the only way for the laptop to "see" the printer is to go back in with the ports and reinstall it there. Now the printer is named "stupid printer2" after it lost "stupid printer" and I expect before long it will be "stupid printer3."

Those 5 smart phones? I have only had a smart phone for a year and a half. I keep breaking them.

Before I had a smart phone, I would still have random problems that no one had ever heard of.

My Motorola Razr phone would drop contacts. I would have my grandmother on my contact list and then she would be gone next time I wanted to call her. Since it was still within the 30 days, I swapped it out for the same one, and it wouldn't turn off the bluetooth light. The bluetooth was off but the light wouldn't turn off. Tech support told me to do a factory restore, after the 3rd factory restore I just ignored the light.

My newest phone I loved except 1 tiny thing, I kept getting error messages. For the most part, I couldn't figure out where the error messages were coming from as in I wouldn't see anything wrong with the phone but they were annoying. And sometimes the phone would lock up and I don't know if it was because of too many error messages or what. And I talked to tech support and they suggested a factory reset.

Now on a smart phone a factory reset is a bit of a pain because you loose all your settings, but I thought it wouldn't be too bad. Just time consuming.

So this afternoon, I did the reset.

then went through the inital settings. Yahoo mail was being snarky but I thought I would deal with it later. Not a big deal.

Then I started to reinstall the apps, or try to re install. Every app would download a minute and then the phone would say download failed.

And I tried again. And again. And again.

And then I did a factory restore again.

And then I called tech support and while they couldn't have been nicer they had never heard of my problem before. It just isn't normal for a phone to go through a factory restore and not be like it was at the factory.

So they couldn't tell me how to fix it.

Tomorrow a higher level of tech support is supposed to call and hopefully they can help me.


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