Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long day today

Sometimes being a SAHM does not mean you are at home at all and today was one of those days.

Junior had Mother's Day Out and I, of course, forgot the Easter party, so after scrambling to get basket, 12 eggs and the candy to fill those eggs, we went to the church to let him go to MDO while I went to my thursday morning ladies Bible study and Daisy filled the eggs. Then went to Junior's Easter Party, ran home to get overdue library books, then to the library, furnature store, pick Junior up, Hobby Lobby, and then to 4-H entomology which starts at 4:30 and is over at 5:30. Oh and did I mention that both kids had practice for T-ball or softball at 5:30, ten miles from entomology meeting and 8 miles from each other. And I still haven't gone to the grocery store yet. Sigh

Yesterday I went to the mailbox.

Why can't these balance out somewhat? I do like those "at home" days on occasion, and I like having things somewhat grouped instead of one trip every day of the week. I just hate those days where it feels like I am always about to have to run to the next place.

Junior hates days like these because he would rather stay at home, especially if we have to go anywhere "early," which for him is before 10. Daisy is the opposite, she is up at the crack of dawn, and always ready to go just about anywhere. But even she was ready to come home today.

I did learn something really interesting though. After we finally got home, DH was watching tv (and he is one of those that wouldn't notice a marching band go through our house if he is watching tv). I was reading my emails and quietly groaned at one (a local family with a tragedy) which he immediately heard and stopped the show he was watching.

He said that there is a specific tone that clues men in to listen, similiar to how you can tell when your kids are screaming to be loud vs hurt. They know if they don't listen to that tone, trouble will follow.

I wish I knew what the tone was because I could make millions if I could teach it to other women.

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