Sunday, September 21, 2008

hurricanes and appliances

Well, we were threatened with Gustav and survived Ike.

We did a little learning about hurricanes, and tried making an anemometer. It wouldn't spin in the hurricane force winds, then again it was pretty poorly made.

I have a more complete post about the hurricane at this blog. We could have done school after we got power, (ok, we could have done school even with the power out) but we just took the week off. The local public schools were off for that week and we did spend a large amount of time helping our neighbor out.

Tomorrow we start back up and I am almost tempted to start whining "Do we have to do school." I am afraid this break has given me a case of the don'ts. I have revamped (again) our schedule so hopefully it will be even better than before. I think I was trying to cram too much into our school day. and now I have gotten it pared down even more, but we are getting more subjects.


Rita had killed our fridge and our freezer. During the pre-Ike washing, my washing machine started leaking. I had forgotten and put a load on to wash today so now the floor is wet. Thankfully DH is the handy type. We have figured out the pump is what is leaking. So that will be a $40ish part instead of a $300 washer. I could blame it on Ike (insurance won't pay for it or anything) but it isn't really Ike's fault.


I loved my planner but since I am changing the format of how I schedule out each day, I may be changing some of the pages in it. If I ever get one, I am mostly happy about I will post pictures.

Unfortunately at our back-to-school homeschool meeting, I slipped and fell and spilled tea all over my beautiful clean planner. I fully expected it to get worn, but not that quickly LOL.

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