Sunday, September 21, 2008

wheat free and gluten free eaing

My sister used to get alot of headaches. ALOT of headaches. She went to eating gluten free (or at least mostly gluten/wheat free) and has stopped having as many headaches.

Even though I was thinking it would be absolute torture to go gluten/wheat free, it hasn't been too bad. I allow myself one splurge a day (although most days I don't eat any) so I still get the occasional pasta dinner, roll or muffin. If I cook it at home, it is usually wheat free. I have my own pasta, but have been doing rice alot. I can make a decent cream gravy with masa harina (corn flour for tortillas). Its been difficult since my favorite food is pasta of just about any sort and I used to use it in alot of my cooking.

Has the change been worth it?

Oh yes!! The payoff has been much fewer headaches. I was averaging about 3-4 a week, some really bad and some just annoying. I have gotten rid of 90-95% of those headaches! ! I do still get the occasional one, but not anywhere near like I was.

Am I sure that is what it is? Yep, if I start to cheat too much, (I pretty much quit following it after Ike) the headaches come back.

I don't think it is so much the gluten as it is the wheat that gives me problems. I don't seem to have a problem with oatmeal (which contains gluten). OTOH, I don't really eat oatmeal often enough for it to cause a problem.

Is this a pain in the neck? Yes, but I am not getting pains in my head and so it is well worth it.

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