Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We went out of town for the weekend and got back on Monday so we were rather tired of the car when we got home.

About 20 minutes after arriving at home - about 7:30 - Daisy walks in holding out her hand.

"Guess what I did!"

Oh just peachy.

She had pulled a tooth.

So because I the Toothfairy was tired, I the Toothfairy forgot to visit until morning. On the plus side, I had loaned Junior some money and had gotten paid back, I had the cash to . . . ummm . . . give to the Toothfairy.

What I the Toothfairy didn't notice is that the bills are some of those "Where's George?" bills. Those are money that someone has entered the serial number and then written www.wheresgeorge.com on the bill. When you get one of those bills you can enter the code and find out where it has been. We have had bills from Hawaii and Oklahoma so far.

Well, anyway, Daisy noticed the Where's George thing and commented it looked like we had written it.

And that it was written in pink.

Like the one we did.



  1. Ok, that's funny! You've been caught, my friend. Sometimes I think J doesn't know yet, other times I think he does and he just knows to keep playing along to get more moolah, ha!

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  2. Oh no... how funny. Smart girl... I wouldn't have noticed... but I'm just not quick like that. Reminds me of my little brother telling me that he got 4 cents from the tooth fairy last fall - and I lectured my Dad about inflation... only to find out that Josh had gotten 4 quarters! HA!

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