Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was giving a ride to a friend's 6 year old son with my own 6 year old in the car (Daisy was with the friend) and I heard this conversation:

E: Do you do Halloween?

Junior very, very puzzled: What?

E: Do you do Halloween?

Junior very, very puzzled: Huh?

Me: Yes E, we do Halloween.

E with a gasp of horror: Oh Halloweens very bad!

Junior still very, very puzzled: Why?!

E still horrified: All that candy can make you sick!


I should explain that our Halloween candy will last for months. We are mean parents who don't allow them to gorge themselves on candy and rarely buy candy bars at the store. They get a peice of candy after lunch and after dinner - which sounds like a lot if you are talking regular bars, but these are the "fun size" candies.

And yes we do Halloween - not the evil or scary stuff though. Daisy was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and Junior was Darth Vader - ok, I suppose Darth Vader could be classified as evil if you are a Jedi. But I am not a Jedi nor do I know any.

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  1. Too funny - and really - that is PLENTY of candy. I wish my parents had put some reigns on my sugar consumption... because if I hadn't made it my best friend as a child... it might be easier to get away from it NOW.