Sunday, November 15, 2009

Would you like some whine with that?

Ok, I don't like posting poor-pitiful-me posts but I feel like something the cat wouldn't bother to drag in. I am so tired of being sick.

Three weeks ago, I had a particularly vicious cold which left behind it's dear friends, sinus congestion and chest congestion.

While I was putting on some Mentholatum on my chest, I found a lump. Since I had my yearly appointment in a week, I mentioned it there hoping my Dr would say "It's no big deal, it is just a swollen lymph node." Instead she sent me to have a mammogram "just in case."

So I had to wait a week until I could get an appointment for that, had it done on Thursday and still don't know the results. Just so you know ('cause I didn't) it is much easier for you to stay at the same location for your mammograms. If you don't, they have to send the old films before they will read the new ones. And it takes them awhile. I could have walked from one location to the other several times before my films finally got sent.

Then while all the lump thing was going on, I got sicker. I came home from church last Sunday, curled up on the couch in flannel pajamas under a blanket and shivered. Hubby told me to take some ibuprofen and then an hour later I had soaked the pjs with sweat and was thinking of moving to a nudist colony.

Monday and Tuesday was pretty much a repeat of Sunday, but Tuesday evening I went to the doctor. He said either it was flu with a false negative, some other virus, or an early bacterial infection. He gave me an antibiotic but I think he was really thinking it was unnecessary because he kept telling me I didn't have to fill it right away. Since I was pretty sure a sinus infection was at least part of it (my teeth hurt in the way they only do with a sinus infection) I promptly filled it.

The day after the first 2 pill dose I felt human again. No fever, no chills, no sweats. It was wonderful.

The next day I felt pretty good.

The next day I was tired and had a bit of a head ache. And took a 3 hour nap.

The next day my teeth hurt again, headache all day, and another nap and I took the last antibiotic.

My thinking is, the antibiotic kicked the bacteria pretty badly the first day where it was a 2 pill dose but isn't strong enough in the single pill doses to do anything.  So now I have a call into the doctor office (minor emergency clinic so it is open on Sundays) and hopefully they will call me in something stronger. That doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

And hopefully tomorrow I will find out news about the mammogram.

And that is the end of my whining.

The end.


  1. My goodness - I'm so sorry that you've been going through all of this lately - I can't imagine. Hang in there - because hopefully they'll get it all figure out so that you can get back to normal again!

  2. Good grief! You deserve to whine a bit. I hope you feel better soon.
    And just fyi (figured I'd post my reply here so you don't have to go back to my blog, ha!)...I completely agree with you, I think Relay is a fantastic event, I just haven't signed up to do it the last 2 years b/c of having to ask for even more money from people. I did it back in the town we moved from and thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm so glad you "take a stand for something and walk towards it" as I've seen shirts say :)It really does change your perspective on things, doesn't it?

    Please update us on your mammogram. I've got to go in for mine in a few weeks.