Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ball Games again

Well we had another three games on saturday. We were at the ball feilds from 8:30 until 4:30. I have a theory about the coaches for t-ball/soft ball. There are those who played ball when they were young and were extremely competitive, and those who are coaching because their kids are playing and they want to volunteer.

Junior's game was pretty bad. The kids still don't have much of a clue, not even the coach's kid, who is on the pitchers mound. The thing is, the kids are upset enough, they don't need the coaches screaming at them that they run "like a bunch of girls." What exactly is that going to do? I also seem to be one of the few that it bothers. Several of the other parents laughed when he appologized to the girl on our team for putting it that way.

Seriously most of them are 5 years old, there are only 2 six-year-olds on the team. At this age, they need to be learning the basics, and practicing. Sports should be something that builds their self esteem. Junior feels like a failure at ball, he thought he lost the game, the score was 24-5, and the most he could have changed the spread was by 4 points. As an athletically challanged person I don't expect my kid to be the next Babe Ruth or anything; I want him to learn to play and to have fun. I am beginning to think that its not gonna happen this year.

Daisy's games were pretty bad too. I am not sure what got into them Saturday but they were not playing their "A" game, or "B" game, maybe "H" game. Daisy's 12 o' clock game, they lost to the Longhorns; the Longhorns had lost their 9:oo game, 17 to 1. The 3 o' clock game started really well and then completly stalled out until the last inning and we still lost 18 to 7. However there was no screaming and yelling from the coaches, even though the girls knew how to play better than that.

I realize it could be personallity, but sheesh they are just kids!

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