Sunday, April 27, 2008

Those moments that fill a mom's heart

Yesterday was a pretty long day. Daisy had entomology contest for 4-H and we weren't really sure what to expect. So while she didn't do awful (I am pretty sure I would have done worse) she . . . didn't score very well. 15 out of 30, which I suppose sounds pretty bad but the highest score on her team was 21 and the other kid on her team scored a 19.

Anyway, that was a disappointing result. They did let me look over the test to see how it was formatted, so we will be better prepared for next year. It is just so much to learn, 16 orders and 59 individual insects plus the general info such as what the different types of metamorphosis and its stages are.


Junior spent the night with his grandparents because that would have been an early morning plus a long, boring morning. They took him to walmart to pick out some of his 5th birthday presents, he wanted Matchbox cars. He picked out a motorcycle and a car, they tried to get him to pick out 1 more but he said "no, this is enough."

Oh, wow!


Then last night , I saw Daisy reading a storybook to Junior. The amazing thing is, she is a struggling reader. My guess is she is probably 2 grades behind where she should be.

Not that long ago I told her I would spank her if she said she couldn't read again. (she is one of those kids that rarely gets in trouble, and usually a frown will bring her in line. My fear was in saying she couldn't read, she would never be able to read because she didn't have confidence in herself.)

Anway, she told Junior she would read him a story (without any prompting from her parents), so they crawled into her bed, and she read to him (sounding alot of it out, but still).

It was past their bedtime and we had church the next morning, but I didn't say a word. I just felt blessed.

Anyone else have a story?


edited to add:

Almost immediately after I posted this, I went to Taschek Tales and read her post about one of those mommy moments. She categorized it as in her "Blessing Box."

Wow, I love that.

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