Saturday, April 5, 2008


We had our first ball games today. Daisy was supposed to play yesterday but it got rained out and then today's games had to be transfered to the feilds of a neighboring school system because the girls fields were too muddy. Having watched their team practice at the girls field 2 days after rain, I can tell you that the girls would be sinking in the mud and so would the balls. It almost makes me want to pull out a feminist soapbox. Especially since I pay just as much school tax as everyone else here does and the ONLY thing my daughter has used at the local school is the ball field, which is not well maintained.

Anyway, enough of that. Junior's t-ball game was . . . disappointing. I know that they are young, and several of them haven't played before but I don't think the coaches have taught them how to play. Very, very rarely would any of them throw the ball, the coaches drilled so much on the running. Several times a kid playing first base would run all the way over to third instead of throwing it. The other team was really good. When one of ours would just barely tip the ball off the tee, 3 kids from the opposing team would run up to get it. On the other hand, our team would wait until a ball rolled into their glove. If the ball went past, they would run after it but not run up to it. It was hard explaining why they lost to Junior. He was just so puzzled. Not that my kid is a great player, or even a good player. He can hit the ball really well when he is focused. He can catch when he is paying attention. He just doesn't usually.

Daisy had 2 games. The first game, they were pretty well stomped. But at least they got on the board and considering the team they were playing against, that was a pretty big deal. The second game they were losing and then they managed to come back. The final score was 14 to 15 with Daisy's team winning. This was the first game they won and the girls were so excited.

I do hate the "chatter" that goes on during these games. I just don't think there is any need for the taunting. If a team is good, they don't need it. I think I am in the minority though.

So much unsportsmanlike behavior is acceptable. Coaches will scout the teams and then call the parents before tryouts and tell the parents not to come to the draft tryouts. Then the coaches that play fair are left wondering if Alice is any good and so the coach that wants her is able to get her. In the 7 & 8 girls tryouts 1/2 of the 7 year olds weren't there and 2/3 of the 8 year olds weren't.

Honestly I just want my kids to have fun and learn how to play. Getting stomped because opposing coaches are more concerned with winning is not fun.

I need to find some pro games on TV so my kids can watch them. I am learning more than I ever new before. I still don't want to play though.

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