Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it Snow!

I have to admit to a bit of snow envy right now. I am seeing pictures of snow and hearing of kids playing in the snow and the truth is I am a wee bit envious. Even though I deliberately chose to live below the snowline - because I really don't like being cold. And frequent snowfalls can be a pain. Snow has that annoying tendency to accumulate.

But I am feeling a bit of snow envy.

We had a freak snowfall - it fell but it didn't stick - and I remembered how beautiful it is to watch.

So I would love for it to snow here.

On a weekend.

And we have no place we have to go.

And we don't lose power.

So let it snow!


  1. I want snow, too!!!! Maybe this is why I can't get in my normal Christmas spirit groove? Let it snow! We CAN handle it!

  2. LOL that sounds exactly like my criteria for snow :)

  3. --sigh-- I have snow envy too :)