Thursday, December 10, 2009

My hands are covered in band-aides

I have been a little clumsy with the sharp implements lately.

Tuesday, I cut myself twice on my left index finger while being stupid. You know how you are not supposed to hold something in your hand while cutting it, you should put it on the counter or on a plate? I don't always to that. Well, I was cutting slices of an apple and got distracted. Luckily it wasn't deep but it almost looks like I tried to dissect my finger (or it would if it were deeper). It took 2 band-aides.

But that was my non-dominant hand so I wasn't worried.

So yesterday I got some tiles for a reading manipulative (I'll explain later on my homeschool blog if it works well). I got those sheets with the 36 small tiles attached to each other. I was lucky enough to find 3 sheets with one broken tile apiece so I got a discount (I am cutting them apart from each other so it doesn't matter if there was a broken one).

So anyway, I was pulling the broken pieces off and sliced my other index finger. Knitting is a challenge with band-aides on both index fingers.

So then I was complaining to Hubby about how I haven't used this many band-aides since I was a kid and pulling off more of  the broken bits and jabbed myself in the hand badly enough to need another band-aide (I don't like leaving blood trails everywhere.)

Hopefully I won't injure myself again while using the razor blade scraper to get the glue bits off the tiles when I separate them.

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