Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh and another thing on the wheat free bit

If there is a wheat/gluten intolerance there can be a bloated, full feeling after eating it. Since wheat is in so much, it is difficult to accidentally have a wheat free meal unless you try so you may not notice the bloated feeling. And it may be a more general bloating, all over.

Well, I have noticed the past few days my wedding ring just spins around on my finger. The same finger that it has been snugly on for months.

And I have lost 4 pounds. WOOT!

In a related bit of news, I went to the doctor today and found out that my blood sugar is creeping up high. I am not diabetic yet but if I don't change some things I will be. I am hoping that getting rid of the wheat will be enough to cause a significant change since I don't eat that much sugar-sugar (although I did get quite a bit from all the pasta and bread). I loathe sweet-tea (bad southerner), don't like soda, and really don't eat that much candy (nothing like a daily basis).

Surely it is from all the processed wheat products.

I hope.


  1. ooh we'll pray for you! NOT like sweet tea???? tisk tisk! :) That's about the ONLY thing I get sugar from :)

    Seriously though, I've noticed the bloating after eating you're talking about but mine's the opposite. Since DS's were diagnosed diabetic, we ONLY have wheat products (including pasta & rice) in the house & so we're used to eating wheat. When I eat out & get "white" flour products IT HURTS!!!!!

  2. It is all wheat my family needs to avoid, white and whole wheat, wheat germ, etc. I get to learn to cook with rice flour, soy flour, masa harina (corn flour) and others that are even stranger. yippee. I could do the whole wheat thing much easier.

    Luckily I enjoy a challenge and baking - although usually not together. I wouldn't mind it too much if meals were taken care of but I have to figure out meals too.

    Anyway, I actually tested positive for an allergy to wheat (and eggs, chicken, milk and bananas and maybe a couple other things) but the dr told me it would be too hard to eliminate it all and to just not worry about any of it. I did try to eliminate it all but after 2 days I was thinking of eating the paneling off the wall so I gave up on it (this was 13 years ago). I have since heard that he was a bit of a quack so I don't know.