Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Of broken bones

Somehow my Hubby - after all the stupid things he did in his youth, BB gun fights, falling out of pickup trucks and I don't know what all else - never broke a bone.


I broke my arm twice. I fell out of a swing when I was 3 and fell of the jungle gym at school when I was 4.

If you had asked me to bet on which child would have the broken bone first, I would have bet my son and thought it was easy money. I called him death-wish boy for a long time because of the stupid dangerous stuff he did - dropping staples in a floor plug, cutting a light cord with sissors, etc.

Well, I would have lost.

Four weeks ago she was using a basket ball as a soccer ball and tripped over the ball. She nearly landed on her face but used her hands to catch herself. We mistakenly assumed that it was a bad sprain because she could move her fingers and wrist without problem. So we gave her an ice pack and ibuprofen.

She went skating a few days later but was careful because she didn't want to fall.

She did the food contest where she carried a heavy bowl around.

She went to soccer the next week.

Her wrist never looked bruised, it was a little swollen but not hugely.

But the swelling didn't go down so we thought it was a really bad sprain.

Last week, we were in the doctor office for a completely unrelated issue and mentioned it to the doctor. He strongly suggested that we get it x-rayed and so we did.

Y'all, she broke her arm! She had broken her arm 3 weeks earlier and went around doing normal activities - she did favor her arm somewhat. Do you have any idea how much that me feel like a horrible mom?

We asked about an arm brace and the doctor said that we would be taking the brace off soon anyway if we had known about the broken arm.

So things continue on as normal except I have much more respect for my 10 year olds pain threshold. She says that she didn't know what a broken arm felt like so she couldn't say that it hurt bad enough to be broken - which I suppose is true.

But now she knows.


  1. Poor baby! I know it's impossible, but try not to feel too terrible about it. When my daughter broke her foot, her doctor sent her home with a sprain AFTER examining the x-ray. It took a lowly radiology tech to say, "Um, this is clearly broken." When the doc called us back to the hospital, HE gave US attitude. LOL

  2. oh.my.stars.that is crazy! i hope daisy heals quickly!

  3. My goodness - what a trooper!! She sounds like she's just an iron-woman! :-) I'm amazed... I had a similar experience (sort of) with my ankle when I was 5... I broke it, but no one really thought much of it. I actually remember going in to the doctor for the x-rays and my Mom threatening me that if it was fine - she'd be so mad at me.

    It was broken - so I'm sure she felt like mother of the year when they told her it was broken...