Thursday, January 7, 2010

My drug of choice

Or maybe I should say more former drug of choice, because I have broken the habit. I occasionally get cravings but mostly they are gone.

I no longer have a driving urge for it.

I am free - or mostly free.

My former drug of choice? Wheat (or gluten).

Yep. You read that right. Wheat. normally for me in the form of pasta.

At first I thought of the title of this post as a kind of joke, but as I thought about it the more I realized the truth of the statement.

When I was hungry, I wanted pasta. Or bread. Or breading.

I have eaten plain pasta because I was craving pasta. I have eaten pasta with a can of tomatoes (no seasoning, just a can of tomatoes). Pasta with only parmesan cheese (from a can). I would limit us to spaghetti with meat sauce only once a week and mac and cheese only once a week but chances are a good portion of the other meals had pasta (beef stroganoff over pasta, soup with pasta, pasta casserole).

Bread was the runner-up choice - much like a smoker will occasionally use dip for the nicotine fix I would use bread for my fix. And sometimes a meal would contain both - spaghetti with garlic bread.

So I stopped letting wheat and gluten control my life. I cut it out of my diet. Completely. (well except 2 slip-ups before Christmas).

I don't crave it all the time any more. We had a "macaroni and cheese" last night that was gluten-free and dairy-free and was pretty good. In fact Daisy asked if there were any leftovers. But we had it because Junior had been wanting mac & cheese for weeks.

I have had the gluten-free pasta and sauce in the pantry for 3 weeks but haven't made it because I haven't felt like it. I have wanted to eat other stuff.

I want a gluten-free sandwich bread recipe but I am not frantically searching for one I and the kids like. But a few weeks ago I was.

I am still looking for a bread recipe but not as frantically. For now I am just enjoying feeling better.


  1. I imagine it's the same as sugar. When I began an exercise regiment 2 years ago, I decided to cut out carbs and sugar for the first few months. Boy was that HARD at first! But eventually, the cravings for it do go away. So if you can stick with it, the better days definitely come.

  2. Good for you!! I've been a horrible blog friend lately - and I'm sorry... life has completely gotten out of control. I'm reading, just not much time to comment.