Monday, January 25, 2010


I love being a mom, I love my kids, I hate the responsibility sometimes. If I forget something for me (doctor appointment, due date of something), I look like an idiot. If I forget something for my children, the repercussions can be worse.

I mentioned here that my daughter won first place in the county food and nutrition contest and that she was going to get to go to district. When she did that 2 years ago, all we had to do was sign a permission form while we were at the county food show. That's all we had to do to sign her up for the next level.

This year things changed. This year she had to register for the contest online and we had to go by the extension office and sign the form. I got the email that mentioned it but to be honest, the sheer repetition . . . .

Maybe it is a personal flaw but when someone repeats them self over and over, I tend to fade out and start daydreaming because I know I will hear it again at some point. I know it's awful but it happens. The way we have got our 4-H email, there are 3 people sending emails and there are 2 of them who will send them twice (once to an email address and again to the yahoo group created specially for our club).

Anyway, so I put off signing her up online because when I first heard about it, the sign up thing wasn't open yet. And then I kept procrastinating. And then I got a phone call saying that I needed to go to the extension office and sign that form.

So I went to the extension office, signed the form and congratulated myself that I was done.


I forgot a step.

So Wednesday, I get a call and find out what I have done. And it is too late to fix it. Oh crap.

Daisy is being a very, very good sport about it. Luckily she has years more she can compete. Her mother has also started carrying a calendar around to write dates on (I don't do great with the electronic).

We still have the youth fair which I did manage to get them both signed up for.
And we can start planning for next year.

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