Monday, January 18, 2010

MySims games

Have you seen these games?

They are my kids favorites, they have had so much fun playing them. MySims Kingdom was great, they played it frequently for months.

So this Christmas we got them the MySims Agents. The background to the game is really cute, you get to solve mysteries - who does the do belong to, who stole the letters, who broke the surfboards, etc. You go around and talk to people, dig through trashcans, find clues.

The only problem is, it is a very short game. Once you reach the end of the mysteries, the game is done - there is no more. The game keeps track of how many hours (cumulative) you have been playing and it took my non-reader about 25 hours to beat the game. He is already halfway through it again.

Don't buy this game, rent it from a video store - it is really not worth the pricetag.

We bought this game, we have no connecttion to the company other than that of a customer. Would I be saying the same thing if we had gotten this game free? Yes, because this game is really not worth the currently $50 pricetag. It is fun and enjoyable but it is very short on content and once you have played the game once there is not more mystery to it.

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